These Las Vegas performers raised their profile on national TV competitions...

Who the Hell is Danny Gans?

Who the Hell is Danny Gans?

Prior to his untimely death in 2009, Mirage entertainer Danny Gans was lampooned by the animated series THE FAMILY GUY. Huge on the Strip, Gans was virtually unknown anywhere else. Main character "Peter Griffin" spoofed Gans' peculiar fame by shouting "Ooooh, Danny Gans is in town!" when spotting a Vegas billboard. Yet the moment he left the city limits, his first words were "Who the Hell is Danny Gans?". 

It's true that plenty of SIn City performers have dedicated followers amongst locals and tourists, but aren't exactly household names in middle America. A few of them are working hard to change that, sharing their skills on national television shows like America's Got Talent. Here are some recent success stories...Sin City sensations that suddenly became famous from coast to coast. 

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