In addition to their slot machines and opulent hotels, Las Vegas is also known for its gay clubs and bars, which are scattered all throughout the city and attract hundreds of patrons every night. With flowing tasty drinks, welcoming atmospheres, and incredible music, they’re all definitely worth a stop.

Here are five of the best gay clubs and bars in Las Vegas.

2. Flex Cocktail Lounge, Westside

Flex Cocktail Lounge, Westside

Launched more than 20 years ago, Flex Cocktail Lounge is a beloved Las Vegas spot, famous for their inexpensive drinks and non-stop entertainment. Within the lounge lies a game room and several loose slots, all of which add to the club’s chill and easy-going atmosphere. Nights are filled with drag show performances, patrons showing off their singing chops at karaoke, and more. 

A favorite among locals, Flex Cocktail Lounge has a friendly and welcoming vibe to it. Their dance floor is a must-try too! 

Perfect For: Those looking to catch incredible performances