It may seem rather ironic and hilarious but Las Vegas is a destination beloved by families due to the many wonderful magic shows that it offers. The city’s magicians have amazed audiences with their spectacular tricks and illusions and some of them have even carved out a name for themselves beyond the United States.

Here are the top five magic shows that can be found only in Las Vegas.

1. Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller

One of the longest-running shows in Las Vegas, Penn and Teller’s magic show is a staple in every tourist’s itinerary. This duo of skilled magicians boasts of fascinating and seemingly impossible acts that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. They also incorporate a ton of comedy into their sets so coming away with a few bellyaching laughs is a guarantee.

Many are entertained by the unique and special chemistry that Penn and Teller enjoy, which can’t be matched by any other Las Vegas pairing. With their quick wit, engaging personalities, and charm, their show will leave you wanting for more!

There’s a reason why Penn and Teller have had decades of success in Las Vegas; they work hard on their shows and the results are as brilliant as they can be. Booking a seat here is definitely a must!

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