What's more depressing than a summer without sunshine and recreation? Spending your vacation time at one of these low-rent excuses for a Vegas pool, that's what.

California Hotel (Downtown)

California Hotel (Downtown)

Boyd Gaming operates three downtown hotel-casinos that primarily cater to Hawaiian guests: Main Street Station, Fremont Hotel, and California. But when you live on those glorious islands, would you want to swim in this 20 x 40 water pit during your Vegas vacation? Unlikely.

Boring, hard to find, and also with no amenities to speak of, California's pool is only open to guests of the three hotels. But who would want to sneak in? Perpetually in the shadow of CIRCA Hotel (Vegas Club's tower before that), this tiny excuse for a cement pond is always cold. Even in the blazing desert heat, you are unlikely to last more than one minute. 

The deck recently got a bit of a facelift, with some brighter furniture and a few appealing accents. But knowing that CIRCA's 'Stadium Swim" is just on the other side of the wall makes it pointless to opt for this boring little puddle. The only reason it seems to exist is so that Boyd can say "We have a downtown pool". Hard pass...

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