Rock Candy, the brand new all-male revue, opens January 21, 2021

Get ready! 2021 is gonna rock with Vegas' newest and sexiest all-male revue -- ROCK CANDY! 

From the show website:

Rock Candy Male Revue is an intimate fantasy journey through the mind of your hostess, Rosa. This is not your typical Male revue, where the men think they know how to fulfill every Woman's fantasy. Rock Candy will entice your mind and stimulate your senses from a female perspective as Rosa directs the dancers like her muses to bend to her will and desires. Every performance is different, while Rosa's mind wanders from voyeuristic fantasies, uniformed dreams, and even a bit of bondage play. The Rock Candy dancers are Rosa's playthings as she daydreams the night away.

Tickets on sale now here.

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