You won't believe how different the Las Vegas Raiders could look in 2021.

Jon Gruden's here to stay

Jon Gruden's here to stay

Believe it or not, Jon Gruden doesn't appear to be on the hot seat for his job in Las Vegas. Again, that might be hard to believe after their 7-9 nothing-burger of a season, but it seems like it wasn't enough to upset Raiders officials. In fact, Las Vegas Raiders owner, Mark Davis, claims he absolutely has faith in Gruden as head coach.  The owner even went so far as to say that the team's shortcomings had more to do with the virus than with the squad's actual performance.

"We were really looking forward to this inaugural season in Las Vegas — our new practice facility and everything else. All the things we dreamed of were coming true. But this season — and I’ve said it many, many, many times — life got in the way with the virus," he said. 

Is Mark Davis always going to be this chipper in regards to his head coach, or will a few bad games in 2021 change his mind? Hopefully, Davis will remain open to the idea if things end upgoing south next season.  Otherwise, the team runs the risk of self-destructing right before our very eyes.