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#3 Adam Gase upset over Raiders win

#3 Adam Gase upset over Raiders win

It’s no secret that it's a tough time to be a Raiders fan, especially with the team on the cuff of missing the playoffs, but at least they can take comfort in knowing the Jets are still upset about last week. That’s right! Jet’s case, Adam Gase, talked to ESPN reporters earlier in the week and admitted to still being sour over the loss to the Raiders. 

"At the start of my career, I heard that for seven years: You have 24 hours to get over it," Gase told reporters. "I think the only time I've ever been involved in a loss like this was to end a playoff game, so I could be pissed as long as I wanted to because nobody cares. It's tough. It's tough. " 

The loss resulted in Greg Williams' firing, who decided to blitz the Raiders offense and allowed Derek Carr to fire a 48-yard missile to Henry Ruggs III in the endzone. The play call was a controversial one due to the risk, and Gase wanted to call a time out so the team could talk over the plan.