Great wings @ a great price

If you're in Vegas and are looking for a relatively cheap place to eat wings, try out the Chicken Shack. This tiny nondescript restaurant isn't fancy, but it serves healthy portions of delicious wings at a reasonable price. Nothing's gourmet, but everything is well-made. 

The menu is huge, but easily the best thing about the Chicken Shack is their wings. Reservations are required right now, but Chicken Shack does offer takeout, which is not a bad option. You order the food ahead of time, pick it up and eat in the comforts of your hotel. 

For 6 wings, it will cost you about $10 and a few more dollars for a beverage. However, they have all types of specials that come with a drink and fries. Most of the other menu options are less than $13 and the portions are big. 

Chicken Shack has multiple locations in Las Vegas.