Kurt Busch hints at retirement in new video released to fans.

Believe it or not, Kurt Busch is now a 20-year veteran in the NASCAR Cup Series. He released a video two days before The Daytona 500 to celebrate his achievements- and stirred rumors of a possible retirement. So, what's next for the former Cup Series champion? Interestingly enough, Busch, who has won 32 races at the Cup Series level, seemed to leave the answer up in the air.

Busch later stated in an interview that he was in talks with Gannassi Racing and Chevrolet about coming back for another year but claims nothing has been etched in stone. He's now 43 years old; how much more stress can he put on his body? Keep in mind that NASCAR drivers struggle with G-force weights weekly, meaning they have to be in top physical condition. 

Busch's video lasts about eight minutes, features a cameo by Vanilla Ice, and has some of the most cringy acting you will probably ever see. With that being said, however, it's also funny, shows Kurt Busch is his true form, and celebrates his illustrious career.  Another nice little detail about this video is how when he reflects upon his career, he doesn't shy away from who he was in his younger years. He just embraces it in a very humble way. 

Whatever the future holds for Kurt Busch, his legacy will eventually be enshrined in the hall of fame. However, if he competes for another season, he has one last chance to win a second championship.