The Las Vegas Raiders just took a huge gamble, but will it work out in the long run?

While we usually reserve this article for outrageous sports bets that happened during the week, it seems only fair to involve real-life decisions as well. For example, what about the signing of running back Kenyan Drake this week? Of course, some will see the addition of Drake as a welcome change to an otherwise struggling defense, but it could come at the price of their other star running back, Joshua Jacobs. With a lot of money going into both men's pockets, it's only reasonable to assume that some kind of clash is on the horizon.

Think about it! What if Jacobs is ineffective this season? What if he doesn't gel with the team and can't get the run game going? The likely conclusion would be to have Drake step in, but what kind of effect will that have? Furthermore, how much practice time will be devoted to each player to ensure they are both game day ready? Keep in mind these questions will come to the surface when the Raiders start their season.

Maybe it lasts a few years, but this doesn't seem like a great long-term investment for the Raiders. It almost seems like they are bringing in a backup for Jacobs.

In the end, you only need to look back to the situation between Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota to know this isn't going to end well for one of these two running backs. Whether it's Kenyan Drake that moves on after a few seasons or Jacobs remains to be seen, but it could serve to tear the fan base apart and create drama.